Let EZCPAP make you an offer on your equipment!

If you have a Resmed Airsense 10 or Respironics Dreamstation with less than 4,000 hours from a non-smoking home, we will offer you $80 for your CPAP machine or $100 for your Autoset.  Fill out our form below, and we will send you a shipping label.  After your machine is received, tested, and verified, we will send your payment via Paypal or company check.  (At this point, these are the only 2 types of devices we are purchasing.)  We also do purchase new, unopened masks and supplies.  If you have a different CPAP machine we recommend selling it on our Auction.  We understand that you and/or your insurance paid a lot more than our offer for your device.  Sadly, millions of people have been non-complaint to their CPAP treatment causing more supply in the secondhand CPAP marketplace than demand.

Although CPAP can be difficult to get used to, we hope that you are compliant with your treatment.  It is safe to assume that no one has ever really loved the idea (before trying it) of putting a mask on their face and going to sleep.  Before you give up on your treatment though, make sure you’ve done everything in your power to get used to sleeping with a CPAP.  Some things that are recommended:  wear the mask when you are watching tv to try to acclimate to the feeling, make sure your settings are correct and match your physician’s orders, try different types and kinds of CPAP masks and even CPAP machines (for example Autoset or BiPAP).  Unfortunately, most who are non-compliant with CPAP treatment give up on it in the first couple weeks way before they are able to feel the benefits of getting a good night sleep.