Equipment Repair

All current device models must be repaired by the manufacturer.  However, the manufacturer will not receive repair requests from the device owner directly. This is how we can help!

We will check the warranty status of your device and contact the manufacturer for authorization to send your device in for a repair cost estimate. Once we receive the estimate, you decide whether or not you would like to go ahead with it.  (Should you decide against the repair, the manufacturer will send the unit back free of charge.)

When we receive your repaired unit we will call you to pick it up.  You will be charged for the cost of the repair plus the shipping fee that was paid to send the machine to the manufacturer.  It’s as simple as that!

We also have rental machines available for you to use while you wait for your repair so you won’t have to go without therapy.  You will need to know your pressure setting(s) so that we can set the rental machine appropriately.