EzCPAP is your professional source for CPAP machines, masks, accessories and up-to-date information about sleep apnea and its treatment.  Unlike many other online companies, at EzCPAP we have experienced medical professionals available to assist you with your sleep equipment purchases. Our staff is well-informed and can trouble-shoot your problems with your CPAP masks/devices. Our goal is to ensure that you are happy and comfortable with your sleep therapy. We have been happily serving the Phoenix metropolitan area from our Scottsdale location for the past decade.

We carry reliable and popular brands such as ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, Respironics and more!

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Why Choose Us?

Our Experience

Our founder (Dr. Robert  Hooper) created EZ CPAP because he saw 15 years ago the need for a “brick and mortar” store that only sold CPAP equipment.  Through a physical store, educated staff, and internet presence, thousands of patients could be helped no matter where they are on their CPAP journey.  

Our Mission

Our Director of Operations (Mike Thurman, RPSGT) entered sleep medicine in 2002.  (He was a high school biology teacher before that.)  He quickly became director for a national sleep company and has overseen the operations for hundreds of thousands of sleep studies.  He has seen and heard almost everything the field of sleep medicine has to offer.  His mantra which has become our mission is that an educated patient is a compliant patient.  Let us help teach you the way to better health through consistent CPAP usage.

Our Pricing

We strive to give people the most value for their hard earned money.  Our new subscription services are a way we feel we can reach more people with fair pricing while also serving our mission.  We want to help you save your health, time, and money.

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