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Buying Online

You are reading this because you are looking for CPAP products on the Internet.  Buying CPAP products is difficult at best.  Most sleep apnea patients are given or directed to certain products by their insurance companies or the supply companies contracted by those insurance companies.  Would you be happy if someone else selected your shoes, clothes, food, or automobile?  Of course not.  You would like to select those items for yourself.  The Internet allows you to do that very thing.

Of course, 'caveat emptor' (buyer beware) applies to any purchase.  This is especially true for purchases of CPAP products online.  When buying products that your have never seen or tried, it is difficult to make the right decision for your particular needs.  Yet, here you are.

Buying CPAP products online is like buying shoes.  If you have worn shoes similar to those you intend to purchase over the Internet (the same size, style and manufacturer), then the shoes you receive will be almost identical to those you have worn in the past.  The same can be said of CPAP masks and machines.  First time buyers should be very careful when making purchase decisions.  The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulates and limits the purchase and return of medical products.  Once mask packaging is opened or hours of use (however little) are recorded on a machine, distributors are not obligated to accept them as returns.

When shopping for CPAP products over the Internet, choose familiar products--those that you have used and know.  If you are an experienced CPAP user and are responsible for spending your healthcare dollar, buying online makes sense.  If you are a new user, strongly consider buying from your sleep physician or from your sleep center or a medical equipment company recommended by them and return to the Internet when you have experience with the equipment.